Arrahma Mosque of Roubaix

Located in the Trois Ponts district in Roubaix, this project consists of the construction of the ARRAHMA Cultural and Cultural Center on its current site after demolition of the existing buildings. The objective of our approach is to insert this place of worship into the dynamic of restructuring places of worship in the city of Roubaix. A desire driven by the 2010 master plan for places of worship. Like the Epeule mosque, the Turkish mosque and the ABOUBAKER mosque, it is the turn of the ARRAHMA mosque to give itself a new face. A contemporary face better inscribed in the evolution of the urban fabric on the one hand, and offering a religious and cultural establishment, worthy of its time and its context. The construction of this establishment incorporates a “High Environmental Quality” dimension.

The ARRAHMA Cultural and Cultural Center will be environmentally friendly (use of renewable energies, rainwater recovery). The architecture of this establishment is very refined. The composition in plan clearly shows the orientation of the prayer room. It poses it as a starting constraint around which the other elements of the program are organized. The facade, in turn, is punctuated by the repetition of concrete porticos. It is this repetition which gives strength to the composition and underlines the public character of the places. The minaret marks the entrance sequence.

Located in the square, it is itself an entrance to the prayer room. The Islamic aspect of this work resides, on the one hand, in the presence of architectural elements with high symbolic value. The minaret and the dome punctuate and mark the prayer space. On the other hand, the composition of the plan clearly distinguishes the religious from the cultural and the flows are managed accordingly. Our architectural approach aims to make the ARRAHMA Cult and Cultural Center a place of life, a place of intergenerational exchange through its program, and a building of its time through its architecture. It will be a testimony to a peaceful and forward-looking Muslim presence.

Year: In progress

Location: Roubaix

Client: Arrahma Mosque Association

Program: Cultural and religious center

Studies: Direct order

Budget: €6,000,000 excluding tax

Area: 4,600 m²

Representative: Atelier APA

Mission given: Mission complete