Liévin Mosque

Our project involves the creation of a Muslim place of worship. This establishment includes, among other things, a main volume dedicated to worship and ancillary parts such as rooms for teaching the Arabic language. On an architectural level, the choice was oriented towards a sobriety of expression, refined and expressive figures at the same time of the vocation of the place (simple arcades, glass pyramid), while recalling its belonging to the mining basin, by the use of the slag heap for the shape of the dome.

The materials used form a balance between local tradition and the modernity of its context. A subtle mix of laminated concrete, all punctuated by large bay windows spanning the entire height of the building.

Religious establishments need two essential things for their proper functioning:
Create intimate outdoor spaces in the immediate environment of the establishment.
Secure the establishment from all types of possible vandalism.

Year: In progress

Location: Liévin

Client: Liévin Mosque Association

Program: Cultural and religious center

Studies: Direct order

Budget: €2,200,000 excl. tax

Area: 1000 m²

Representative: Atelier APA

Mission given: Mission complete

BET: Jelez