Béthune Mosque

Located in a town in the north of France, the Béthune mosque is an alloy of local culture and Arab-Muslim architecture. Minaret, dome and arcades are superimposed on the hand-molded brick facades, a typically local material.

The semicircular arch used to design the facades is the same one found in the city’s heritage buildings. This building places an image of serene insertion in its physical context as well as in the architectural history of its city.

The cultural part comes to envelop the religious part like the dear blade envelope. This reflects the Western view of worship in which religion is a private sphere.

Year: In progress

Location: Béthune

Client: A.M.A.B Association

Program: Cultural and religious center

Studies: Direct order

Budget: €1,700,000 excl. tax

Area: 980 m²

Agent: Atelier APA

Mission given: Mission complete

BET: Jelez