Moving from precariousness towards sustainability. Start from adaptation to the right expression. This project responds to an increased need for the expression of the symbolism of places through architecture. It is a question of recognizing the use of places without ambiguity while being in total coherence with the elements of history and the landscape.

The center is a place of culture and worship, a true place of life and exchange. A program open to the neighborhood and residents. Beyond a technical response to a need, the project matches the image to the use. It gives dignity to a use of the place that is currently unsuitable. Noble materials, such as the stone on the facade, also mark this desire for heritage and sustainability.

The great transparency of the place is filtered by a metal moucharabieh system, filtering views and light. The stars of this concealment device sparkle in the facade, thus serving as a reminder of watchmaking mechanisms, a pillar of Bisontine’s industrial history.