Insert a place of culture and faith into a wine landscape par excellence. This was the challenge of this project. Starting from an existing building (an old nursery) and architecture from the 1960s, we tried to breathe a new soul into the place.

Faced with the rigor of the existing building, the roundness of the arcades brings softness to the reading of the facades. Light penetrates the premises from all sides, thanks to the figures inherent to our “glass roof and dome” architectural style.

The nod to Arab-Muslim architecture is made through the work of moucharabieh filtering light and gaze. This on the one hand, and on the other hand, the entrance sequence, a major element of this reconversion, is written by three polylobed arches. This form of arcade precisely has its origins in sacred texts. She describes an Eden garnished with palm trees and “vines”. The vine of Eden and sacred texts therefore forms the link with the vine of the Champagne region, a striking element of the territory and its culture.

religious and cultural center in epernay 51-oussama-bezzazi-atelier-apa