Like a communication screen along a boulevard. The key word of this project is transparency.

The structure of the project comes from a desire to provide shared spaces between the city’s associative actors, while meeting the specific needs of the association carrying the project.

As a result, the cultural part of the project is dominant in the image. It comes in the foreground on the boulevard side. The religious part, relating to its own character, is in the background. She thus benefits from the privacy of the bottom of the plot.

And for an eye-catcher to the landscape, these two worlds of worship and culture are articulated by a transverse and transparent space. Like the Essonnes marks the territory. The total transparency of this central space symbolizes the transparency of water. Purification with water being one of the elements of the Muslim faith.

The brick on the facade recalls the Corbeil mills, while the screen-printed glass in very geometric calligraphy gives a contemporary expression of a theme dear to Arab-Muslim culture: “Seeing without being seen”.

religious and cultural center in corbeil-essonnes (91)